About me

Hi there. I'm a graphic designer, coder, photographer, blogger and pineapplologist. I work in HTML, PHP, CSS, Node JS and Python but I'm willing to learn more. I usually spend my time browsing Unsplash, messing around with HTML5 stuff, breaking stuff and designing pretty stuff in GIMP. You can see the best of my work here.

an example of my front-end work


I have a high level of expertise in HTML and CSS, especially with cutting-edge features. I try to find ways to keep up to date without using OTT intensive methods.

An excerpt of PHP code from a project I am working on


I have been using PHP for years now. I am moving my work to the latest version, however I am most proficient in PHP5. I can also tie this in with MySQL, SQLite and Python.

an example of my photography


Whilst photography is more of a hobby to me, I have used it on projects (including on this website) to add character and as a visual aid.